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Watana's, are traditional Andean strands that represent a multitude of unique prayers and elements. They are hand spindled out of sheep or alpaca wool, woven with natural dyes, and beaded with "the stars" . The designs are unique, all similar, but never alike. 

Watana's are often the very first weaving that a young woman is introduced to in life to prepare her mind and agility for more complicated pieces. The art of weaving, mirrors of the journey of life. It is a representation of the masculine and feminine dynamics and the acknowledgement of the interrelatedness of all sentient beings.

As the capitalist, consumer based machine continues to invade the native world, the deeper meaning and prayer of these practices is lost. The community either loses the ability to physically continue the practice due to being displaced from their rightful lands, Or the community loses the connection and the appreciation for the prayerful roots due to having to produce for tourists who barter the worth of their skills down to make larger profits. 

Through Reviveolution.net, women of the Q'ero Nation, praying these beads into form named their own price - equal wage as man in their community. Through this initiative they are able to create peacefully without the uncertainty of income. Your support allows us to continue feeding the collective and hopefully extending it to more women.

Click the Market link above to purchase Watana's and stay tuned to the Stream for features on how to wear and incorporate them, as well as interviews with NYC creatives supporting the initiative.